Chef Pagoda’s 10 Course Meal

I was recently lucky enough to have my good friend Aaron, cook me, Meredith and Matt one of the finest meals I have ever had. He prepared for 2 days and presented us with a beautiful, delicious and well balanced culinary experience like no other. The courses were influenced by previous meals and experiences we’ve shared. They say cooking with love is a key ingredient, and this came through in every bite.

I did my best to capture the main ingredients he used in each dish, though the depth of flavor in his sauces, marinades and ingredient combinations are not given any justice. Here’s a summary of what he created:

*Click on the images to see a larger version. They came out a bit grainy since they were taken in a candlelit room.

Course 1

[on the left] Tuna tartare mixed with strawberries and jalapeños. Served on an olive oil toasted baguette with Sriracha aioli and orange zest

[on the right] Salmon tartare tossed in a light dijon dill aioli with cucumber and chives; served on an olive oil toasted baguette, topped with lemon zest

Course 2

Oyster served on a bed of seaweed and chilled rocks with a fresh pressed green apple and shallot mignonette poured atop

Course 3

Spinach and dandelion salad in a hearty avocado dressing. Topped with apricot, red pepper, bacon and shrimp

Course 4

Cucumber, honeydew, mint, basil and lime palette cleanser with marinated aloe chunk

Course 5

Dark forest mushroom, broccoli and aged cheddar filled pastry puff with a sweet pea sauce

Course 6

Portuguese-inspired spicy tomato coconut soup with large shell noodles, red beans, bay scallops, lump shrimp, and fresh steamed clams

Course 7

Prosciutto wrapped fig stuffed with feta, baked and served with a side of fresh watermelon jam

Course 8

Parsnip and potato mash with seared polenta, pulled baby back ribs, super sweet corn and 24hr pickles

Course 9

Watermelon mojito bite with a strawberry/watermelon chaser

Course 10

Truffles three ways – blueberry chocolate, mojito and lime chocolate, and milk chocolate with vanilla pudding


  1. Byung Choi

    Hello. I came across your page and saw your pictures on this so called guy named Chef Pagoda…sounds polish. They do have a bit of appeal to it, however I can only be skeptical since I did not taste it.

    I would like to challenge him to his best 5 course meal. Anytime…anywhere.

  2. Ritchie

    This is absolutely amazing and incredibly
    Inspiring! Seriously when is Restaurant Pagoda
    Going to be open for business? That would be worth
    The trip to PA!!!! How incredibly lucky you all were
    To be guests at this table, Aaron you are an amazing
    Person, you continue to surprise me with your
    Incredible creativity and thoughtfulness! Bon appetit

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