Chef Pagoda’s 10 Course Meal II

Once again, we were invited to experience Chef Pagoda’s 10 course dinner. And for lack of a better word – it was AMAZING. The amount of prep and thought that went into each plating and flavor profile was immense, and the outcome was encroyable! I truly hope someone buys Aaron a restaurant asap so the world can experience his gift.

Here are the courses we were treated to:

Course 1

Snow Crab cone with whipped avocado, fresh peaches, red onion, poblano pepper, cilantro and orange zest

Course 2

Beef Wellington Sliders (Filet Mignon, Sauteed Portobello, Caramelized Onions, Stone Ground Mustard) with a Kimchi Hot Sauce and side of beet chips

Course 3

Jumbo Sea Scallop on a bed of Japanese Eggplant and crispy Red Quinoa in a mango, lemongrass curry

Course 4

Yellowfin Tuna Sashimi One Bite in coconut milk with lime sorbet, cilantro and chives

Course 5

Pork Loin over Bleu Cheese Pesto with a Fresh Fig Sauce

Course 6

New Orleans Savory Crepe filled with Sausage, Mussels, shrimp, shallots, peppers, and aged cheddar – drizzled with a zesty creole sauce

Course 7

Smoked Jalapeno Gnocchi ‘n Cheese with buttered Panko crust (aged Gouda and vintage aged cheddar)

Course 8

Chilean Sea Bass over French Beans, Cannellini Beans, roasted cherry tomatoes, bacon crumbles and fresh herbs in a sweet corn puree

Course 9

Sweet Potato Dessert: Sweetened Ricotta base, Crushed salted Pistachios, Whipped Sweet Potato with cinnamon and brown sugar, Milk Chocolate sauce, and Graham cracker dust

Course 10

Cheesescake with Blueberries & Caramel Sauce, paired with Blanche de Namur

Thank you Aaron!


  1. Theresa Pagoda

    1. crap cone with avocado etc was really different. 2. beef wellington sliders & beet chips great. 3. scallop with eggplant & sauce I could see melting in my mouth. 4 tuna sashimi sounded really different & would like to try. 5. pork loin & cheese with fig sauce looked amazing. 6.New Orleans crepe sounded soooo good. 7.Looking forward to trying this version of your knocchi, looks delish. 8. sea bass combo is out of this world 9-10 sweet potato dessert & cheese cake with fruit looked scrumptious. I love your creative cooking style & how delicious everything turns out. I especially like seeing how happy you are when you’re cooking.

    Love You, MOM

  2. Matt

    Wow – This year’s vegetarian experience was amazing, but damn.. I forgot how awesome last year was for the omnivores!

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