Step 1

Make up a box of Jello Lemon Pudding and Pie Filling — NOT instant. I actually followed the directions for the pie filling by mistake and it still came out thick enough. Put in fridge to cool. I do this step the day before making the cake.

Step 2

Make the cake. I use Fanny Farmer’s Boston Favorite Cake.

Step 3

Make the Chocolate Frosting. I use my Grandmother’s recipe and double it.

Step 4

After the cake has cooled, spread the lemon between the two layers, and place the whole cake in the fridge. When the frosting is just beginning to show signs of piling in the pan, I remove the cake from the fridge and slowly pour the frosting around in bigger and bigger circles on top of the cake. Much easier than waiting for the frosting to cool all the way and try to spread on thick frosting that tears up the cake, plus the finished product had a real smooth look. Then back into the fridge

This cake is always best after the lemon has had time to set and ooze a little into the cake. Enjoy!

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